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EF22TS Rooftop Split A/C Overview
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EcoFleet EF22TS Rooftop Split Air Conditioner is a high performance complete split designed truck air conditioning system with electrical compressors in a closed circuit with second-generation inverter technology, the cooling power is regulated automatically with minimum consumption. These systems are exclusively designed for On-Road vehicles.
The EF22TS top split truck ac is the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin and there are multiple installation locations for evaporator. The system evaporator can be mounted on a shelf, directly on the back wall of the cab, or in a storage compartment.
Our EF22TS top split systems are robust and reliable and ideal for use on variety vehicles such as sleeper cabs, off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV’s, ambulances, firetrucks, TBL vehicles, airport ground service vehicles, and others. 


1.Safety, EF22TS Rooftop Split Ar Cnditioner operates with windows closed, minimized the risk of theft and supporting the driver’s safety during his rests.
2.Quietness and less vibrations, higher degree of both safety and quietness by using highly efficient 12v or 24v brushless direct current compressor
3.Comfort, EF22TS truck air conditioning can work as well as a dehumidifier, keeps the cabin climate healthy.
4.Zero Maintenance, the refined Ecofleet technology needs no maintenance,the workers without refilling of water.
5.Wellness, powerful and silent, comfortable rest in vehicle cab, reducing stress and tiredness and consequently risks of accidents on the road.
6.Fuel saving, working with engine switched On or Off, thus reduced diesel consumption by as much as 3,000 gallons annually. As well as reduced engine wear and tear and related maintenance costs.
7.Truck main batteries protected, Ecofleet systems come with a battery protection switch that automatically shuts off the A/C at 21.5 voltage, ensuring that your drivers will always have plenty of power to turn over their truck’s engines.
8.Environment friendly, zero CO2 emissions due to engine switched OFF, makes Ecofleet a good ally for the environmental protection.
9.Easy installation, models are sold in ready-to-fit kits, easy and quick on installation, with installation and operating manuals clear and detailed.


EF22TS Rooftop Split AC

Cooling capacity

2.0--2.2 KW

6824-7506 BTU/H

1720-1892 Kcal/h

Refrigerant gas



DC 12V/24V


Brushless DC electrical compressor

Condenser air

≧1800 m³/h

Cooling air 

≧980 m³/h

Fan speed

3 speed

Max. current

12V  62.1A


24V  42.3A

Working current

12V  55A


24V  38A

Total Weight

34 kg 

Ac size



Package size



Connecting pipes

Rubber hose with crimp connectors And Cooper Pipe

Shut-off voltage



4-5 seats cabin


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